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  • Personal Insurance Options

    Health, Cancer & Dreaded Illness, Critical Illness, Air Ambulance, Final Expense, Travel, Motor, and Personal Accident Insurance.

  • Business Insurance Options

    Aviation, Contractors All Risk, Money, Property, Workmen's Compensation, Marine Hull, Liability, and Bonding Insurance.

Who We Work With

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Massy Insurance
Americn Bankers Association
Triple S VIDA
MidAtlantic Life Insurance Co
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Caribbean Alliance

What Clients Say

There are many companies, but not all of them you can count of when you really need them. I have recently experienced a situation in my life that had it not been for me making the right decision to enroll my family in the Air Ambulance coverage offered by D-3 Enterprises Limited, I would have been a widow today. -- Hulda Romney

Insurance You Can Depend On

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